Small intro about FAQ here…

How do factory security systems compare with aftermarket systems?

Most factory “security systems” are actually “antitheft systems,” meaning that they are essentially engine disable/starter kills and not full featured security systems. But let’s say that you are comparing true security systems. If they are both quality systems, carefully installed, then the main factor that weighs against factory security is the assembly line: all systems for a particular make and model year will be installed exactly the same, with publicly-available instructions in the service manuals telling thieves how to disable them!

Do I need a security system for my car?

Experts will tell you that if you don’t want your car stolen , you’ll want some visible layers of protection to discourage a thief. At the very least, you’ll want to park in a safe place with your doors locked, and use a steering wheel lock and an engine disable/starter kill, to prevent a thief from hot wiring your car. However, to offer protection against a thief entering your car and stealing the contents, you should probably have a full featured security system: an alarm with a siren and interior sensors.

What kind of hands-free kit can I use with my mobile phone while driving?

If the mobile phone can be operated without it being held, then hands free kits are permitted. You are allowed to touch buttons on your phone while driving as long as you are not holding the phone in your hand at the time. If your mobile phone is blue tooth compatible then you can buy a blue tooth kit. If your phone is not blue tooth compatible then the best option is probably a speaker phone kit.