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Protect your vehicle from unwanted break ins!
Van drivers, in particular Ford Transit drivers are being warned by Police to be extra vigilant after several reported break-ins where thieves have gained entry to the vehicle without any sign of forced entry.

The break-ins have been carried out using a lock-picking device which is capable of bypassing the lock system without causing any damage to the vehicle.
There’s no restriction on the sale of locksmith equipment in the UK, meaning such devices are available on the open marketplace.
Van owners are being urged to secure their vehicles and lock away high valuable belongings following a spate of break-ins throughout the United Kingdom, several vans especially Ford Transits were broken into in the space of a week in Winsford at the end of April, with one van being stolen.
It’s worth noting that Transit vans are not the only commercial vehicle at risk. No van is 100% secure when faced with a suitable lock pick device, however the sheer volume of Transits out on the road means the number of reported break-ins will consequently be higher.

What can I do to protect my van?
All van owners are advised to look at fitting additional Slam locks, rep locks or deadlocks independently of the manufacturers. Loading Door Keepers and Loom Guards are also advisable to prevent thieves gaining entry by door peeling and wire cutting respectively.

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